Family Cactaceae


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C&J Cactus Nursery in Vista, CA

C&J Cactus Nursery is a wholesale only business. I wish to thank both Carl and Jim for allowing me to freely photograph specimens at their facility and for treating me with such outstanding courtesy and professionalism.

C&J Cactus Nursery, Inc.
2369 East Vista Way
Vista, CA 92084
Tel: 760-724-6848
Fax: 760-724-6671

Grigsby Cactus Gardens in Vista, CA

Grigsby gardens focus on rare and hard to find specimens. Be sure to call before visiting. Thanks to Madelyn (sp?) for allowing me to take so many pictures at her place.

Grigsby Cactus Gardens
2326-2354 Bella Vista Drive
Vista, CA 92084
Tel: 760-727-1323
Fax: 760-727-1578
Rainbow Gardens in Vista, CA

Rainbow Gardens specializes in Epiphytic Cacti and has an excellent selection of Epiphyllum hybrids and other species. A special thanks to Jerry for his hospitality and for allowing me to photograph his plants for use on Be sure to call before visiting.

Rainbow Gardens
1444 East Taylor Street
Vista, CA 92084
Tel: 760-758-4290
Fax: 760-945-8934