Rules for the Cactus Picture Contest

Registered users may enter and vote on their favorite cactus picture!

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Rules for the Cactus Picture Contest

Post by daiv » Sun Jan 15, 2006 6:34 pm

These are the official rules for the CactiForum Picture Contest. These rules are based on the combined input of everyone who cared to comment and my better (or worse) judgment. These rules may need to be revised depending on the contest. Be sure to check back for changes at the beginning of each contest.

I made the changes to the rules in bold dark blue font:

Rules Overview

1. Only one picture per person per contest.

2. Each contest will be assigned a theme or class. I will pick something for the first one. Suggestions can be made for future themes here: If you do not have a picture for the current theme, please suggest a theme and wait for your picture to qualify.

3. Participants will have twenty days from the time the theme is announced to submit their picture. After that time, no new entries will be accepted for that contest.

4. Once the pictures are submitted, we will allow another ten days for voting.

5. All registered users will be able to vote, this includes those who have made submissions. Voters do not have to be photographers or plant experts, but should consider to the best of their ability such things as:

- Quality of the picture (technique)
- Originality (moment or the species of cacti)
- Composition (a cacti in landscape or a particular situation)
- Relevance (how well the picture represents the theme)

6. Please size your pictures to a maximum of 600 x 600 pixels and post it as an embedded image and not a URL. -If you do not have this abililty, post whatever you can and I will edit your post for you to maintain consistency. (Do not post giant pictures in hopes that size will create votes.)

9. Post comments about other people's pictures in another topic so that only contest entries are listed on the contestant page. I will also move/edit/delete any posts that do belong.

10. For each contest, I will create the Poll at the end of the submission period. This will prevent premature voting that may intefere with someone's desire to enter the contest.

11. There will be a link to the voting page added at the end of the contest to make the poll easier to find.

12. It is imperative that everybody be gracious towards and considerate of other members. This has NEVER been a problem on our forum O:) , but it is good to state this for the record.

How to be a Contestant

Step 1. Read the contest rules above

Step 2. Read the current contest theme description.

Step 3. Post your picture and any comments you may have along with it under the current theme.

How to Vote

Step 1. Once voting begins, carefully consider which of all the entries you like the best.

Step 2. Select the corresponding name on the "Poll" page for the current contest and cast your vote. The "Poll" page will not be created until after the entry period is over.

Note: All votes are anonymous and you will only be able to vote once.
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Post by CoronaCactus » Thu Dec 11, 2008 5:09 pm

Oct. 26, 2008
Addendum 1:

Rule 1: Only one picture per person per contest. You must own or have taken the photo posted.
Rule 13: Prizes will be awarded after the votes have been counted and verified. Prizes will be shipped within 7-10 days.

Dec. 11, 2008
Addendum 2:
Rule 14: In the event of a tie, the contestents will go head to head in a 2-day vote-off. In the event the vote-off produces another tie, we draw cyber straws! I will have a set number of straws in various lengths, each with it's own number (1 to 10) The contestants pick a number and the longest straw wins. I will provide a photo of the numbered straws to 2 other members for verification purposes, who are not part of the vote-off, but were a part of the contest.

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Post by CoronaCactus » Tue Jan 13, 2009 7:47 pm

Jan 12, 2009
Addendum 3

Rule 15 Photos that have won previous contests are no longer eligible for future contests. Please choose another if the same theme or a similar theme comes up.

For a list of previous winning photos, click here