Gymnocalycium fucarivensis

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Gymnocalycium fucarivensis

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Hi all!
I purchased a couple of this Gymno last year because I didn't recognize the name - Gymnocalycium fucarivensis - and I love a good mystery.
When I got home, I tried to figure out the correct name, but came up completely blank.
I know an ending of " - ensis" denotes a place, but I can't find such a place as Fucariva or a derivation of it in Bolivia or Argentina - the two countries I figured most likely to harbor a Gymno.
I figured I had to wait to see if flowers would help.

Now, that it has finally flowered, I am totally stumped.
Of course, if could also be some type of hybrid, but I'm not clear on what the parentage might be.
As you can see in the photo, it is starting to offset on the sides.

Anyone have any ideas on where that name came from?

Many thanks in advance!
Gymnocalycium fucarivensis 1 (2022-May10).jpg
Gymnocalycium fucarivensis 1 (2022-May10).jpg (93.16 KiB) Viewed 185 times
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Re: Gymnocalycium fucarivensis

Post by 7george »

Looks like G. anisitsii.

The closest reference I found was: G. anisitsii (K. Schum.) Britton & Rose subsp. tucavocense (H. Till & Amerhauser) Schädlich.
Schütziana 12(2021)2 p. 28 -- lots of photos in that article.
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