articles from the cactus&co magazine for download

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articles from the cactus&co magazine for download

Post by bruno »


our magazine is in italian and english and I asked our president to share a few pdf articles for download on cactiguide.

If you like the idea we can share more and more content over time :)

Pediocactus nigrispinus in habitat
Pediocactus cultivation
New Uebelmannia
Two new Copiapoas
Echinocereus special issue

Cactus&co pubblications (magazine and books) are available in US through Rainbow Gardens, if you want to learn more about this just take a look at our official web site ... 61&lang=en

Hope you enjoy, please let me know your feedback.

Daiv, thanks for making this possible :D :D

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Post by CoronaCactus »

Thanks for sharing, Bruno.
I have several other issues of Cactus&Co and enjoy reading them.
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Post by daiv »

I'm so glad to see these. These articles are very high quality and very informative.

Everyone - it is advisable that you save the files to your computer instead of viewing them directly on line. The Echinocereus file is 12MB and that can be a real chore to browse over the web -especially on slower connections.
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Post by Lair3514 »


Grazie! Good of you to share. Downloaded Echinocereus-Special Issue and look forward to browsing through it at leisure. The pictures are molto bella.

(Okay, I had to double check with Google translator.)

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Post by peterb »

this is great!! thanks Bruno. Love the Echinocereus issue.

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