My greenhouse/Hot box?

Do-it-yourself projects such as greenhouse or shadehouse builds and related topics.
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My greenhouse/Hot box?

Post by benny989 »

So in Aus we're getting closer to winter and I wanted to see if I could 'skip' my cactus going into that dormant stage so I came up with this. I do see a problem with humidity (too high) but I think I can overcome that with a little makeshift ventilation.

Has anyone tried anything on this scale before? Any problems?
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Re: My greenhouse/Hot box?

Post by fannie »

Now in my country is Spring, in the past winter, I put my cactus in this box,I don't know how to call it .just have a look.
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Re: My greenhouse/Hot box?

Post by CoffeeAddict »

darn, That is a great idea right there. I might have to go out to target or walmart for one of those.

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Re: My greenhouse/Hot box?

Post by leland »

I found a plastic box at a big box store, I think it is for putting shoes or clothes under a bed. This one didn't have any rollers to complicate things. It has a solid top which I put on the bottom with a couple holes drilled for drainage. The translucent bottom is on top in 3/4 shade and is working well for growing some epiphyte seedlings.

Net net, it keeps humidity in but birds and leaves out.
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