Best type of polycarbonate for a GH ?

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Best type of polycarbonate for a GH ?

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The greenhouse I plan to buy comes in 3 models =
- Clear polycarbonate panels
- Twin wall 4 mm polycarbonate
- Hybrid, clear for the walls and twin wall for the roof.

At first I tought the clear panels, 90 % light transmission, was the best choice for cacti.

But the manufacturer states that the twin wall, 70 % light transmission, diffuse the light and that this is better for plants in general.

I only plan to use the GH to extend the growing season a little bit in spring and fall.

What do you think about that ?
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Re: Best type of polycarbonate for a GH ?

Post by cactushobbyman »

Bought from Farmtek 7 years and doing fine. No yellowing. I built the greenhouse.
8mm Twin-Wall Polycarbonate Sheets
This UV-resistant greenhouse material is 12 times lighter than glass. These easy-to-handle, lightweight sheets are a breakthrough in greenhouse technology, and they can be used to provide crops with lighting or as a blackout option.
• Also widely used for construction, rain shields and soundproofing applications.
• Will not film over after long exposure to sunlight.
• Tough, practically shatterproof, 8 mm polycarbonate material maintains light transmission over years of use.
• Hollow, twin-wall construction gives superior insulating capabilities for better heat retention and lower fuel costs.
• Weighs only 1.5 KG/m2—1/12 that of glass.
• Virtually no UV penetration.
• Highly flame resistant, with a flashpoint of 1,166˚F.
• 10 year warranty.

With kits 4mm seems to be the standard. I also have a smaller HF greenhouse and the panels are about 3.5mm and starting to yellow. 4 years of age. Do your research.
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Re: Best type of polycarbonate for a GH ?

Post by greenknight »

Agreed on the twin-wall, the insulation value will help extend the season.
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