First greenhouse advice

Do-it-yourself projects such as greenhouse or shadehouse builds and related topics.
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First greenhouse advice

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I’m looking to get (or maybe build?) a small greenhouse within the next few months. This past year was my first year growing outdoors, and I used a polycarbonate cold-frame. My problem with this was even with two panels removed and the top up the temperature regularly exceeded 110 F, and most things sat stunned all summer.
I’m wondering about choosing a greenhouse that will allow more control of ventilation and light.
I have been looking at polycarbonate and aluminum GHs around 200. Has anyone used these?
Looking for purchase recommendations, build advice/tutorials, and general advice about growing in a greenhouse.
Thank you, and good growing!
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Re: First greenhouse advice

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To answer your questions more info would help. Size would help, budget, material you can use in your area. I have built and bought greenhouses and I find what I was looking for the in the greenhouse lead me to each one. I was able to buy redwood so I built, needed to add on, so I bought a Harbor Freight and used it to expand. Cheaper than expanding with redwood. Link to my add on to my redwood greenhouse. :)
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