Hello from Italy!

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Hello from Italy!

Post by Diana »

Me and my husband live in Italy.
I am originally Polish and grew up in Poland and he is from South Africa.
About a year ago we started our succulent and cacti collection.
Here in Italy there is lots of sun shine so everything grows nicely, sometimes I even have an impression that some of my plants get too much sunlight!
There is also lots of interesting plants to buy, so I became cacti addict.
I hope I can get some advice here, especially regarding the names of the plants, as many of them lack that information when you buy them.
Thank you for accepting my request to join this forum.
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Re: Hello from Italy!

Post by greenknight »


Could be some of your plants are getting too much sun - many of the small cacti which are popular pot plants are adapted to grow where they have some protection from larger plants or rocks. That's a major reason for identifying the species - to find out what conditions they prefer. we can probably help you with that.

I never asked if I could join, I just started posting. I'm so rude... :lol:
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Re: Hello from Italy!

Post by gemhunter178 »

A cactus and succulent collector who especially likes Aricarpus. ...Though I have a bit of everything! Want some pictures? See my flickr! I also do art and such.
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Re: Hello from Italy!

Post by hegar »

Hello Diana,

I also extend a warm welcome to you. Don't worry about all that sunshine in Italy. Your cacti will thank you for it, at least most of them will.
There are some genera/species, which prefer to live in filtered light, perhaps near a tree or shrub, which gives them a little shade, especially from noon until shortly before sunset.
If you do have any questions about the cultivation of these plants, I am sure, that there is a grower present here on the forum, who can give you some good advice. Don't be afraid to ask. :)

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Re: Hello from Italy!

Post by trashcanteoh »

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