Hello from San Francisco

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Hello from San Francisco

Post by SkipnStones »

Hello, my name is Skip, my first post as a avid enthusiast ! Got started here needing an Identification and will post pics soon in correct forum.
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Re: Hello from San Francisco

Post by Steve-0 »

Hey Skip, Welcome to the Forum!

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Re: Hello from San Francisco

Post by gemhunter178 »

A cactus and succulent collector who especially likes Aricarpus. ...Though I have a bit of everything! Want some pictures? See my flickr! I also do art and such.
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Re: Hello from San Francisco

Post by hegar »

Hello Skip,

I too welcome you to the CactiGuide forum. I am glad, that you are an avid enthusiast and will most likely also be a cactiholic. :D in due time.
You will fit in well with the gang of cactus and succulent lovers. :)

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