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Hello ...

Post by Jennigrw »

Hi everyone, I’m new to cacti and was wondering if anyone could help me find out what’s going on with my cactus- I’ve had it for a couple of years and not thought about it much but about a month ago it flowered. The flowers were white and quite small. A few weeks later it started growing a bright red sausage shape out of the side! If anyone knows what it is I’d be very grateful of their input. I’m afraid I’ve no idea of the species. Any help appreciated!

I’ve attached a picture
A5F5FC38-1EAF-4732-8242-FE8403796866.jpeg (36.35 KiB) Viewed 2069 times
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Re: Hello ...

Post by anttisepp »

Hello Jenni
:) It's a normal fruit (berry) on Mammillaria simplex.
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Re: Hello ...

Post by gemhunter178 »

As anttisepp has said - that's just a fruit!
Also, I agree with the id, especially as I'm not the best to ask about Mammillaria ID's...
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Re: Hello ...

Post by hegar »

Hello Jennigrw,

just like anttisepp and gemhunter178 I do welcome you to the CactiGuide forum. I also support the findings of the two previous posters, i.e. the red structure on your Mammillaria sp. cactus is a fruit. So your cactus got pollinated and is producing seeds.

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Re: Hello ...

Post by greenknight »


Yes, it's a fruit. Mammillarias are weird that way, the fruits develop long after the flowers have shriveled up and disappeared.
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