READ THIS FIRST: CactiGuide identification (ID) rules for posting

If you have a cactus plant and need help identifying it, this is the place to post it.
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READ THIS FIRST: CactiGuide identification (ID) rules for posting

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There has been some unhappiness by some members on this forum regarding the identification requests (ID). To help regulate these from now on, I have set up some basic rules for identification postings with the help from Daiv and DaveW.

To keep the forum enjoyable for all, please stick to these Basic rules for identification postings as much as you can:

Rule 1: Do some (basic) research first and please share what you found in your ID request as this could be helpful for others to help you identify your plant or to confirm what you have found. Don't feel bad if you were way off the mark as that is all part of the process, you will learn from this yourself too. If you haven't already done this, here are two useful pages with common plants:
- and
- ... =3&t=39213?
Most plants you might have bought at stores and garden centers are shown and identified on these pages.

Rule 2: The forum community enjoys helping others and many members started out with an unidentified plant. If you followed rule 1, you will know that getting an ID can take some work. This can be true even for experienced growers. To make this easier, please pace your requests. We ask that you post only 3 plants in a single identification request. This will keep others from being overwhelmed by too many requests at once. There is no need to limit the number of pictures of each individual plant as different sides, angles or close ups of spines and flowers are usually quite helpful.

Rule 3: Did you get your plant identified? Don't forget to thank the person(s) that have helped. Show your appreciation.

Rule 4: After following rules 1 to 3, it won't take long before someone comes along who knows less than you do. After all, you have at least one plant that you know the name of. Check out new identification requests and see if you can help pay it forward by offering an ID to the next person.