Upper Mojave Desert Hike

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Re: Upper Mojave Desert Hike

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Steve-O Wonderful story, great pictures. I love your blog and the pictures,especially than I am moving toward winterhard cacti only (only place for wintering cacti at 5-10 deg is the refrigerator).
Best regards :-)
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Re: Upper Mojave Desert Hike

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You're welcome, Tomasz! It was a fun but short solo adventure. Only the latter half of a Friday and the morning half of Saturday. My wife insisted I book a hotel room for the night...I would have taken a hammock among the Joshua trees. Very mild weather for January. 65F daytime temp...18C and not cold at night either.
The hotel had one perk...a Thai Restaurant next door. Yum!
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Re: Upper Mojave Desert Hike

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Thank you for posting!
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Re: Upper Mojave Desert Hike

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If you got some of this rain it will be a nice spring
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