Hello from the South of France

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Hello from the South of France

Post by BobD »

Hello to all you cactus enthusiasts.

I just started a little collection, that is, a collection of little cacti :D so I'm here to try and avoid the kind of mistakes that 'newbies' seem to start out with. I also have a cactus that looks a bit sickly, so I'll ask for some help right off - but I'll try and do that in the right forum.

Nice to be here and I look forward to reading your pearls of wisdom.

Bob D
South of France
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Re: Hello from the South of France

Post by jerrytheplater »

Hi Bob
Jerry Smith
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Re: Hello from the South of France

Post by gemhunter178 »

A cactus and succulent collector who especially likes Aricarpus. ...Though I have a bit of everything! Want some pictures? See my flickr! I also do art and such.
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Re: Hello from the South of France

Post by anttisepp »

Hello Bob from the North of Europe!
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