Advices to sow Aloe descoingsii from seeds

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Advices to sow Aloe descoingsii from seeds

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Can you give me some advices to sow Aloe descoingsii from seeds?

Currentle I am in summer (until March 20) and I am using baggie method, but I have doubts about:
-When to open the bag, 1 week, 2 weeks?
-When and how to water the seedlings in the firsts weeks/months.
-Can I treat them as if they were Haworthias?
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Re: Advices to sow Aloe descoingsii from seeds

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Aloes are usually germinating in somewhat cooler temperatures, but generally it's rather easy when seeds are fresh. Llifle talks about 18°C for Aloe descoingsii, but around 20 is also OK. I usually just stick to a few weeks of baggy or covered, if the soil is not soaking that is, as I think it's not needed any longer, given the climate is not too dry there. And after that just water lightly when the soil is dry. It's haworthia-ish but probably less water in fall to spring than haworthias, they are usually winter growing, while aloes is somewhat cross-over.
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