Germination Techniques

All about seed grown plants. How-to information, progress reports, show of your results.
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Germination Techniques

Post by Lactus »

Due to some failures of germinating, I realized how little I know. I wanted to make a thread of techniques used from soil preparation/sterilization to container types etc. Seems like everyone has a slightly different way of doing their thing. I'd like to learn what has worked for you and even what hasn't. I know there is a wealth of information on this topic deep in the vaults of cactiguide and maybe there is already a thread like this one. If so, maybe add the link below. Thanks.
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Re: Germination Techniques

Post by Aeonium2003 »

Soil: I use a mix anywhere from 3:2 to 1:1 parts inorganic to organic material. Depends highly on species.

Sterilization: I pour boiling water on the soil. Alternatively you can bake it, toast it, or microwave it.
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Re: Germination Techniques

Post by keith »

I use pumice mixed with desert soil ( my normal mix ) get the pot very wet then microwave it for 1 minute and plant seeds a day or a week later. I also spray Physan 20 on the soil once after the seeds are in this is a new thing for me. I cover the top of the pot with plastic and screen and put it in the partial sun under a plastic container so it gets warm , I bring them in at night because its too cold at night where I live. Maybe 80-90F during hot part of day and 60-70F at night.

Don't keep the pots constantly wet for more than 2 or 3 weeks if nothing germinates dry it out and re-wet again.

I take the plastic off after maybe a month depends on species most of the species I like to grow rot really easy. I add extra sand for Mesembs because the seeds are so small.
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