Gymnocalycium again!

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Gymnocalycium again!

Post by 7george »

Maybe is a good idea to declare this June a month of Gymnos. And see what progress our plants and collections did since the last time that was 4 years ago.

Stiff spines on the way of buttons...

Not a problem. Gymnocalycium pflanzii makes it second bloom for the season. They know how.
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Re: Gymnocalycium again!

Post by anttisepp »

Very impressive young :thumbright: G pflanzii
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Re: Gymnocalycium again!

Post by nachtkrabb »

...that is how it flowers? Nice.
7George, you've got a real lovely cactus.

How convenient that one of these in tiny-weeny grows on my balcony (until it gets too cold at least).
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