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What is the NurseryLink?
Introducing the NurseryLink Application combines technology, information, and people to deliver a one-of-a-kind cactus resource. The NurseryLink feature connects plant enthusiasts with plant growers through a no-nonsense system that delivers pertinent information up-front. -Saving time for both the buyers and the suppliers!

Daiv Freeman
Introduction has become one of the leading resources for researching the cactus family. There is a tremendous amount of information in the form of pictures, descriptions, articles, book reviews, links, and more and this information continues to grow. All this information proved effective at getting people excited about the cactus family, but until the NurseryLink application, there was no information telling them how to get cactus plants. As a result, I would frequently get e-mails from visitors asking me where they can buy some cactus plants for themselves. It became clear to me that this information must be included on in some form or another. Selling Plants?
At first the obvious solution would be to make plants available through and turn the site into an on-line store. However, this idea has three major problems that I wanted to avoid. First, the tackling such a project would take many years and site visitors would continue to be without a source for plants during this time. Secondly, even after years of work, the selection of plants would still be very limited in comparison to multiple nurseries in multiple countries. And third, would suddenly become a competitor to existing suppliers who have contributed to the success of the site in various ways.

A Better Way
It occurred to me that a far better solution would be to direct visitors looking for plants to existing, reputable suppliers. Thus, the NurseryLink was developed. With this feature, cactus suppliers can post information about their nurseries on the nurseries page, which includes a link to a separate supplier page where visitors can get a good feel for each nursery and see some featured listings. Likewise, if a supplier has a specific cactus species for sale, he can then post some pertinent information on about that listing that site visitors will see when they are looking for that same species on In this way, visitors can quickly find sources for the plants they have been looking for and suppliers can reach visitors they might not otherwise encounter - a win! win! situation.

NurseryLink and You

If you are a visitor looking for plants, I encourage you to visit the suppliers listed on this page. Each supplier is manually screened by me personally and checked by members of the CactiForum. This is not to say that the suppliers listed on this site are without mistakes, but they are known for providing excellent service, quality plants, and are quick to resolve problems when they inevitably occur. This is especially helpful for those who are uncertain about purchasing plants via mail-order, but have no other options. Here you can be assured to have the best experience possible which allows you to focus on the fun part - growing your plants!

On the other hand, if you are a cactus nursery with plants for sale, NurseryLink is designed to get your listings in front of cactus enthusiasts from all over the globe. It is no accident that ranks top in the search engines for people searching to learn about and buy cactus plants. It is because is dedicated to bringing value to visitors, not patronizing them. There are no links to unrelated sites, no advertising, and no gimmicks. If your nursery provides extra-fine plants and makes servicing customers a priority, then you should be using the NurseryLink.

Purchasing plants and seeds is a major part of the cactus-growing hobby. While is not a commercial web site, it is my goal to connect enthusiasts with reputable suppliers so that enthusiasts can find the plants they're looking for and the suppliers can continue the hard work of propagating and raising more and more of these intriguing plants that make up the cactus family.

Happy Growing!

-Daiv Freeman
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