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Below is a list of locations with pictures by Juergen Menzel. Select one of the locations below to see all images on from that location taken by Juergen Menzel.

In total this photographer has contributed 1293 images to

Juergen Menzel's Private Collection
Habitat in Brewster County, Texas
Near Sierra del Carmen, COA Mexico
Montezuma County, Colorado
San Bernardino County, California
Wayne County, Utah
Coconino County, Arizona
Nye County, Nevada
Emery County, Utah
Habitat in Mexico
Habitat in Chihuahua, Mexico
Habitat near Mina, Nuevo Leon , Mexico
Joshua Tree National Park, CA
Near Catavina, Baja California, Mexico
Habitat near Kenworthy Station, California
San Diego Wild Animal Park
Panamint Range, Death Valley National Park, California
Habitat near Holbrook, Arizona
Habitat near Fredonia, Arizona
Habitat in Arizona - South of St. George, Utah
San Gabriel Mountains, California
Habitat near Marble Canyon, Arizona
Habitat East of Gray Mountain, Arizona
Habitat in Sierra San Francisco, Baja California South
Habitat South of Ciudad Juárez, Chihuahua Mexico
Habitat near Cerro Bola, Chihuahua, Mexico
Anza Borrego, State Park, CA
Habitat East of Cedar City, Utah
Sierra San Carlos, Tamaulipas, Mexico
South of Parras, Coahuila de Zaragoza, Mexico
Near Valle de Las Palmas, Baja California Norte, Mexico
Near Puerto Santo Tomas, Baja California, Mexico
Near San Telmo, Baja California, Mexico
Tamaulipas, Mexico
Near Bicknell, Utah
Habitat Near Lajitas, Texas
Big Bend National Park, Texas
Habitat Near Searchlight, Nevada
Near Ajo, Arizona
Big Bend State Park, Texas
Near Big Maria, California
Habitat Near La Libertad, San Luis Potosi, Mexico
Habitat near Edgewood, New Mexico
Huntington Library and Gardens, San Marino, CA
Habitat in Texas
Habitat South of Marathon,Texas
Habitat in Baja California, Mexico
Near San Borja, Baja California
Miller's Landing, Baja California, Mexico
Todos Santos, Baja California, Mexico
Habitat Near Parras, Mexico
Habitat Near Warm Springs, Nevada
San Carlos Canyon east of Ensenada, BCN
Sierra San Pedro Martir, BCN
Near Hipolito, Baja California Sur
Habitat in Utah
Apache County, Arizona
Millard County, Utah
San Juan County, Utah
Mineral County, Nevada
Mohave County, Arizona
Lehmi County, Idaho
Near Monticello, Utah
North of El Pilar, Coahuila, Mexico
Near Wolf's Hole, Arizona
East of Bahia Tortugas, Baja California Sur
Habitat near near San Vicente, Tamaulipas, Mexico
Quail Botanical Gardens, Encinitas, CA
Habitat near Why, Arizona
San Benito Islands, Baja California
Cedros Island, Baja California Mexico
Isla San Martin, Baja California, Mexico
Habitat near Florence, Arizona
Near Vail, AZ
Near Ruby, AZ
Saguaro National Park, East Unit, AZ
South of Laguna Chapala, Baja California - Mexico
Beach N.E. of Cabo San Lucas, Baja California Sur
Habitat east of Douglas, Arizona
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